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Clarion People

Clarion People, based in North London are a specialist recruitment agency that specialises in connecting exceptional people to great businesses throughout the UK, from start-ups to established global brands.

Recruiting entry level staff right up to management and executive / board members in the following sectors:

• Operations 
• Sales
• General Recruitment 

Whether it’s temporary, permanent or interim recruitment you require, our Directors have over 30 years combined hands on experience with a passion to deliver results.

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At present, we have no publishable jobs for our website. Some of the work we do is confidential, so it is best to register with us, or you can set a job alert here, and we will send you jobs by email the next time we have one that matches your needs.

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Annelien Marcus Director / Recruitment Manager 020 8629 3928
Michael Singleton Director / Operations Manager 020 8629 3928

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Temporary Staffing Solution

Did you know Clarion People have the infrastructure to support any business across the UK with their Temp staffing solution?
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A Recruitment Partner is for life not just to take your money and run.

We all know using a recruitment agency comes at a price BUT there is some logic & hard work behind this, and will yield a great return for your money. How can we make your life easier? Most agencies tend to specialise in a particular field to ensure we become experts in your sector. Due to our extensive experience we can call upon our niche database to ensure we only introduce fully qualified and experienced candidates. As an agency we tend to have the best talent out there as we know how to target our audience through advertising. We use national job boards and are experts at screening and profiling candidates. We can reduce the time and in-house resource that you need to dedicate to recruitment, which leads to a quicker turn around on filling your vacancies. This might sound corny, but the right agency will become a recruitment partner once you have built a trusting relationship.
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What is a Contact Centre?

While most people know what a call centre is, the term ‘contact centre’ – or ‘contact center’, to use the American spelling – still causes some confusion. What is a contact centre, exactly, and how is it different from a call centre?
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Social Media and Recruitment: Key Insights

From relationships to marketing and networking, social media influences virtually every aspect of modern life. Recruitment is no different – we use social networking on both sides of the process, for job hunting as much as finding and screening candidates.
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Contact Centre Management: Setting Customer Service Goals

Did you know that having well-defined goals is one of the main characteristics of successful businesses? In a busy contact centre, it may seem like all our efforts should be concentrated on the present moment. With a steady stream of calls and messages pouring in and going out, there seems to be little room for planning for the future. However, by taking just a little bit of time to come up with specific, measurable goals, we can focus everyday efforts not just on making do, but on improving our results and our efficiency.
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4 day weeks?

Ever find yourself working harder to get everything done before a three-day weekend? A new report suggests you’re not alone - and the four-day work week revolution could be coming.
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