Temporary Staffing Solution

Do you know just how much Time and Money you can save by hiring a temporary staff member initially? 

We will take the pain out of the hiring process! 

We spend our tome and resources to find you the right candidate so you can do what you do best! 

Clarion People are responsible for each and every temp’s HR needs, to pay their Salary, Tax and NI as well as Holiday pay. 

All you do is pay the agreed hourly rate (inclusive of our fee) plus the VAT. 

We are transparent and will explain how we pay each temp as well as our fee. 

After the 13th week you can then choose to employ the temp on a permanent basis at n additional cost! 


They can continue work through Clarion People as a Temp until you no longer require them (we just need 1 weeks’ notice). 

Recruitment without the B.S. to make life easier. 

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Clarion People

Current Jobs

At present, we have no publishable jobs for our website. Some of the work we do is confidential, so it is best to register with us, or you can set a job alert here, and we will send you jobs by email the next time we have one that matches your needs.

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