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Temporary Staffing Solution
Did you know Clarion People have the infrastructure to support any business across the UK with their Temp staffing solution?
A Recruitment Partner is for life not just to take your money and run.
We all know using a recruitment agency comes at a price BUT there is some logic & hard work behind this, and will yield a great return for your money. How can we make your life easier? Most agencies tend to specialise in a particular field to ensure we become experts in your sector....
What is a Contact Centre?
While most people know what a call centre is, the term ‘contact centre’ – or ‘contact center’, to use the American spelling – still causes some confusion. What is a contact centre, exactly, and how is it different from a call centre?
Social Media and Recruitment: Key Insights
From relationships to marketing and networking, social media influences virtually every aspect of modern life. Recruitment is no different – we use social networking on both sides of the process, for job hunting as much as finding and screening candidates.
Contact Centre Management: Setting Customer Service Goals
Did you know that having well-defined goals is one of the main characteristics of successful businesses? In a busy contact centre, it may seem like all our efforts should be concentrated on the present moment....
4 day weeks?
Ever find yourself working harder to get everything done before a three-day weekend? A new report suggests you’re not alone - and the four-day work week revolution could be coming.
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